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Sustainability and innovative responsible practices are at the core of our business, continuously adapting to environmental needs

Our Environmental and Sustainability

At Norvite, as specialists in animal nutrition, we focus on our mantra of Feed Better, Feed Less.

It has long been known that a healthy animal on a balanced diet has a reduced carbon footprint and so we focus on providing high quality sustainable feedstuffs to farms. There are a lot of ways that we can improve livestock systems whilst caring for the environment. Such as by sourcing locally and supporting on-farm production of feeds in the way that Norvite has done for almost half a century, and utilising bespoke supplements to maximise efficiency of home-grown cereals and forages.

One of Norvite’s most notable sustainable successes has been the NEOS plant, which crushes locally grown rapeseed, all of which is grown within 15 miles of the plant, to provide energy and protein rich meal and oil cattle feed.  This provides a local and sustainable alternative to soya and palm derivatives which have a very high global environmental impact due to their production methods and the distances they travel from the Americas or Indonesia.

In 2015 Norvite commissioned a solar array on the roof of the plant. Installed by local specialists AES Solar of Forres, and covering the entire roof of the production plant, this renewable energy will generate 94000kwh of electricity per annum, save at least 44 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, as well as provide further reassurance to farmers who choose to do the right thing by Feeding Better, Feeding Less.

To read more about Norvite’s commitment to the environment, sustainability and social responsibility please feel free to download our policies below: