Royal Warrant Norvite

Specialists in animal nutrition

Specialists in animal nutrition

Specialists in animal nutrition

Specialists in animal nutrition

Royal Warrant Norvite Specialist Animal Nutrition

About Norvite

Norvite has been a leading supplier of supplements and feeds to the Scottish livestock industry for more than 50 years. 

Specialists in Animal Nutrition and proud holders of a Royal Warrant fromHer Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we have a reputation for manufacturing quality products and for providing knowledgeable, practical, technical support. Always innovating, we enjoy working with our experts to deliver sustainable solutions for today’s farmers.



Founded in 1973 by Alistair Pirie, Roy Matheson and Gilbert Reid, who left Spencers Feeds when it was taken over by Unilever, Norvite built a substantial business supplying supplements and protein concentrates direct to farms throughout Scotland. 

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From humble beginnings in a haulage shed at Carpenters Croft, Wardhouse, Norvite’s infrastructure has developed in line with our growing business.

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At the heart of our business, our people are our most valuable resource and we are incredibly privileged to still have some of our original workforce working with us as well as several who have carved out their entire career within the company.

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We have worked closely throughout the history of the business with key educational and research institutes - as research partners, as lecturers and in product development. 

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An inspirational evening with a world class panel of speakers at the Equine Grass Sickness (EGS)

Dr Beth Wells of the Moredun Research Institute, is the research lead for the EGS programme and it is her collaborative and interdisciplinary approach which has broadened the scope of research into this devastating disease.

Cost Effective Cattle Feeding

Whilst it is the aim of every producer to maximise their margin, this is not always by feeding cattle as cheap as possible because if a cheap ration results in poor performance it is no longer cheap, but very expensive.

Low-input NZ sheep system in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway

The Family have developed a New Zealand inspired management system that ensures maximum output from low input, while maintaining high standards across the business.